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Snapweed, Shotweed.

Stune hætte þeos wyrt, heo on stane geweox; stond heo wið attre, stunað heo wærce.

Stune is the name of this herb, it grew on a stone, it stands up against poison, it dashes against poison

Lamb’s cress is a bitter biennial herb that is in the mustard family. Like the other herbs mentioned so far, this one is usually an unwanted plant that grows wild in full sun or partial shade. It prefers damp soil, and can go to seed within a few weeks, making it a rather plentiful plant. Its flowers are known to attract butterflies.

It is full of vitamin C, so it is a great plant to mix into salads or smoothies to stay healthy. With it being a dark leafy green, it has antioxidant properties which come with a wide array of health benefits. It has a peppery taste, and serves well as a garnish. Its name derives from the PIE root “gras,” which means to devour. It is simply a plant meant to be consumed.

Other than the Nine Herbs Charm, this plant is not often used in magic. It brings to the charm its science-backed nutritional information that would help someone who is ill to better fight their ailment. It is known for power, stability, and always being reliable.

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