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Gemyne þu, mægðe, hwæt þu ameldodest, hwæt ðu geændadest æt Alorforda; þæt næfre for gefloge feorh ne gesealde syþðan him mon mægðan to mete gegyrede.

Remember, Chamomile, what you made known, what you accomplished at Alorford, that never a man should lose his life from infection after Chamomile was prepared for his food.

This lovely herb looks delicate, but is full of strength and valor. We use in our herb blend Matricaria recutita, which is commonly referred to as German chamomile. In the Nine Herbs Charm poem, it is referred to as mayweed, which is a common name for Chamomile.

Chamomile is a ground-covering perennial, growing about 4-12 inches tall. Roman Chamomile is propagated by dividing the root structure, while German Chamomile is propagated by having its seeds sown. It grows best in direct sunlight, with a regular watering schedule.

It is a powerful herb, used for centuries to help alleviate issues from anxiety, menstrual pains, and even unregulated cell growth. It is common to find chamomile tea in grocery stores, and plenty of folks will use it in their bath water to help them relax and alleviate various skin conditions.

Chamomile is associated with the sun, even though it is associated with water. It can be used not only to dispel negative energies, but to also help reverse curses. Its herbal attributes are used in magic, so it is known to help provide a sense of calm and to help those who are grieving.

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