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Why We Use Essential Oils

(If you're interested in reading the previous two posts on soap making, visit them here: The Lasabrjotur Difference and Why We Use Lye.)

If you read the label for a “natural” soap and you see essential oils listed, it means the scent for the soap was derived from natural, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, roots, and flowers of plants. On the other hand, if you see the terms fragrance oils, aromatic oils, or perfume oils, it means the scent of the soap was derived from compounds that were made in a lab - an artificial scent full of artificial ingredients.

Whether steam distilled or cold pressed, essential oils contain more than the scent of the plants they came from. They contain all its beneficial properties, including therapeutic ones. Fragrance oils, in contrast, bear only the slightest resemblance to their source, containing the chemicals necessary to mimic a scent, nothing more. There is no essence to fragrance oils.

Judging from their presence in thousands of products, though, fragrance oils have their pluses. Because there’s nothing natural about them, any scent is possible and the consistency of scent is steady, unaffected by changes from crop to crop.

In the end, they behave in skincare products the way most synthetic ingredients do:

  1. They dry out the skin;

  2. They irritate sensitive skin;

  3. They introduce thousands of artificial substances into our water;

  4. They also give manufacturers the chance to sell you multiple products – cleansers to dry your skin and lotions and conditioners to make it better again.

At Lasabrjotur, our soaps may be priced higher than the products you find on the shelves in the store, but our products are made with you, your ritual intentions, and wellness in mind, and are far superior in overall quality and gentleness to the companies that use synthetic fragrances.

You don't cut corners when performing your rituals, and neither do we when making soaps.


Garden Witch Ritual Soap

Some of us perform our magic in the fields. From sowing to harvest, the magic is grown, and the true fruits of the labor are held and consumed. Once the harvest is consumed, the spell is unlocked. We are what we eat – the body takes what it is given and transforms it into muscle, blood, and bone. However, before all of this can be accomplished, a seed must be put into the ground and cared for. After the seed sprouts and the plant grows, it must be trimmed. The soil must be given nutrients and the weeds must be pulled.

After the ritual of gardening, the cathartic ritual of cleansing must be done to complete the process (link to our blog post about ritual bathing). The cleansing properties of lemon and orange oils help to provide energy after hard hours in the sun. Ground apricot kernels and coffee beans help to scrub away the tougher stains of the soil and plant matter, while providing an earthy scent to remind the witch of the work that is not yet done. The hint of patchouli helps to calm any stresses experienced from dying plants, and aids the mind to communicate with the spirit of the plants. The ending notes are of lavender, to help heal any wounds sustained from the care of the plants.

Break through the binding shackles that seek to choke out the growth that is inside of you!

To purchase Garden Witch and view our other ritual soap: https://www.lasabrjotur.com/ritual-soap

Waldeinsamkeit Ritual Soap

Filled with scents of the evergreens, this ritual soap will aid in the connection with the eternal ancestors of the forest.

Waldeinsamkeit (pronounced as “vald-In-zom-kIt”) is a German word that does not have a literal translation into English. However, the word hints at the idea of being alone in the woods, and the joy that comes with it. Our soap is named in the honor of this concept and includes the very essence of the forest in the ingredients.

Just like its namesake, this soap will help provide a connection with nature. Similar to camouflage, using this soap in ritual cleansing (link to our blog post about ritual bathing) will help the witch become immersed with the forest that many have lost its connection with.

The essential oils found in this soap are from Fir, Pine, Juniper, and Spruce, with the addition of ground juniper berries. The trees are all known for their evergreen foliage, and possess the characteristics of longevity and determination, being beacons of life even in the dead of winter. Evergreens have long been considered a symbol of honesty, strength, and provide pure intentions in magical workings. The ground berries provide a light exfoliation to help remove the unhealthy ties to the modern world that are blocking the witch’s ability to connect with nature.

Many cultures believe in a Tree of Life. All have different names, but the underlying meaning is the same. Our world would not exist without trees, and our ancestors understood that. Anyone who has stood underneath a towering evergreen understands the meaning of Waldeinsamkeit. These trees command awe and are naturally inspiring. One can easily contemplate how much these giants have silently witnessed as they have provided shelter and nutrients to those around them. While physically being among the trees boost energy levels and alleviate feelings of sadness, the tree oils incorporated into the soap will invoke the same emotions and benefits as walking through the woods.

With this soap, the witch would wash in a cleansing bath as a pre-ritual before doing work with the spirits of the trees. Immerse yourself in the scent of the forest, and call upon the Tree of Life for energy.

To purchase Waldeinsamkeit and view our other ritual soap: https://www.lasabrjotur.com/ritual-soap

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